Thursday, August 19, 2010

Southwest Spotlight

The southwest theme is running rampant this fall from everything from fashion to home goods! 
what to look for: earthy tones such asrust terra cotta,  sand colors, and deep mahogany browns, set off by rich colors such as turquoise, indigo, and red.

Interior of the La Fonda Hotel January, 2005,
Robert Garciaa

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Spoon Stir!

Building materials are all around us in our everyday lives. How many of us gave a junk draw or an old piece if furniture that we are always meaning to getting around to fixing up? I've had the opportunity to make something from "junk." I was assigned the project of making a chair from recycled or reusable objects. The result? A chair made of wooden spoons.

My grandmother Always had spoons on hand in her kitchen. As I was pondering what materials to use I remembered her jar of spoons arranged like a flower bouquet in the kitchen and BAM! It hit me!