Monday, February 15, 2010

Frame IT!

I love to take pictures but I hate keeping them hidden away on my computer or in picture albums.  ever since i was younger I have played around with the idea of pictures as wall art.  what better way to be creative and  see all your friends and family??  I have played around with wall collages, collages in frames, but when i moved to San Diego i decided to take a bunch of frames that I found interesting and on my wall in kind of a chaotic yet organized fashion, and I love it!  it creates a focal point on an otherwise bare wall and I get to see the lovely faces of my friends and family on a daily basis.  here is the picture of my wall:

If you notice, I also have a cork board that I call my "inspiration board."  I am a huge magazine hoarder so I've begun cutting out pictures of rooms, fashion, and just things I find particularly inspiring or interesting and hanging them up!  That way, every time i sit down I trigger new ideas!  (and it's constantly changing with every new issue that comes my way!)

p.s. (I want to add more picture frames but I'm trying to find ones I really love!  plus: I've got loans to pay!)

lately, as i have been flipping through design magazines I have noticed that this trend is appearing more and more and I think pictures as art is a wonderful thing!  how much more personal can a piece of art be to someone then pictures of the people they love best???  I have

Vogue Australian Living

just a note - i LOVE elle decor!  I am also a self proclaimed fashionista so whenever i can mix fashion and design it is just perfection for me!