Saturday, December 11, 2010

Barry Dixon Sale on One King's Lane

The "Master of style" has selected some amazing vintage and antique pieces!! check it out!

Bamboo- Leg Bench

Antique Naïve Cork Frame Mirrors, Pair - $1199

Antique Belgian Two-Seater - $4899

Moroccan Mirror - $129

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

On Fire!

it's that time of year when we bust out with our warm blankets and cozy up to a fire.  What if you don't have a fire, you ask? no problem! check out some amazing solutions to fireplaces i've found for you:

This is a bio-ethanol fireplace coffee table!  Unlike gas fireplaces, which give off a blue flame, the flame in a bioethanol fireplace is the closet thing you can get to a real crackling fire!  Ventilation is also not required because bio-ethanol does not add any extra CO2 to the air.  when ethanol is burned its emissions are roughly similar to human breath..pretty amazing.

For fire on the go try Roll Fire! Roll Fire a bioalcohol-fueled portable fireplace created by Sieger Design. The 26-inch-diameter "wheel" is crafted from steel and powder coated black, with borosilicate tempered glass in front and back. A full 4/5-liter tank yields two to three hours of burn time

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Explore the Floor!

Rugs and mats aren't the only solution to spruce up your floor space! try decorating with some great floor cushions which are a fun and relaxed alternative to seating.  A True Gypsy Touch.

ETRO Floor Cushions ($493 each, 212.317.9096).  Etro.com.

Urban Outfitters Floor Cushions ($120 each).  Urban Outfitters.

Floor Pillow Argyle - Red (24x24x6")

($59 each)

over and out!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Southwest Spotlight

The southwest theme is running rampant this fall from everything from fashion to home goods! 
what to look for: earthy tones such asrust terra cotta,  sand colors, and deep mahogany browns, set off by rich colors such as turquoise, indigo, and red.

Interior of the La Fonda Hotel January, 2005,
Robert Garciaa

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Spoon Stir!

Building materials are all around us in our everyday lives. How many of us gave a junk draw or an old piece if furniture that we are always meaning to getting around to fixing up? I've had the opportunity to make something from "junk." I was assigned the project of making a chair from recycled or reusable objects. The result? A chair made of wooden spoons.

My grandmother Always had spoons on hand in her kitchen. As I was pondering what materials to use I remembered her jar of spoons arranged like a flower bouquet in the kitchen and BAM! It hit me!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Seeing Grass

I've been loving the seagrass look lately! Seagrass is great for the summer or that beachy atmosphere!  I'm drooling over the seagrass wingback armchair!

source: Pottery Barn

Friday, June 18, 2010



credit: Cococozy

French Finess

I am sticking with my virtual European vacation and now we are headed over to France.  I found this beautiful home, courtesy of Remodelista.  It is a Provençal stone farmhouse in Nîmes with whitewashed interiors, owned by an antiques dealer and decorated with accessories from the area. Via Light Locations.

 I love the use of weathered wood and the pale blue throughout the home, from the furniture to even the ceiling! (check out my older post about fun ways you can incorporate your ceiling into the design of your home)

below are some ways your can bring some of the french county side into your home;

(I love the X-shaped base of the table)


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Italian Getaway

I've been getting the itch to pick up and travel to Italy as of late!  I love the Rustic/Tuscan feel that can be incorporated anywhere from Italy to California!

Ah, Venice!  I love the brightly colored buildings!  Lime-based paint is a great way to bring Italy into your home!  below is a picture of a blue lime-washed wall that would be beautiful in any room of the house!  Side-note: many Italians use blue in the kitchen to increase appetites!

terracotta tiles are a must! whether it be for the roof shingles or for the flooring!
Note the terracotta floors, chestnut beams and stone walls!

and finally, what is a true rustic Italian home without a pillared pergola to sit and enjoy some wine and company?!

Want to give your home an Italian makeover?? here are some paint suggestions!

Tuscan Primary Color Suggestions
Paint BrandYellowRedBlue
Benjamin MooreDorset GoldSienna ClayCovington Blue
Sherwin WilliamsGusto GoldRed TomatoCote d'Azur
BehrArizonaCherry CobblierSurfer

Friday, June 11, 2010

Optical Illusions

I believe every room should have at least one fun "conversation" piece.  Here are some wonderful accessories I've found that are bound to keep the eye busy! (forewarning: I've been loving the chevron lately!!)





(also available in Blue & White)


Below are some African woven baskets that are not available in stores but they are too  beautiful to leave out!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Folk Inspired

I love bohemian/folk inspired things (this is the gypsy's window, right?!) so here are some recent finds i've made!  also, my apologies for not having posted in so long! i've been so busy with school and work it's crazy!

I love the grain pattern on this chest of drawers and it reminds me of an acoustic guitar!